Chandragupta’s Folly

Chandragupta Maurya


Chandra Gupta Maurya when he reached adulthood decided to defeat the Nands who ruled major portions of North India.

Chandra Gupta went and met Alexander the Great in 325 B.C. at the age of 20 years to see whether he can help to defeat the Nands. But he could not get required support. Hence he started building his own army and with help of Chankya started recruiting young men and training them in warfare.

Once he had a huge army he attacked the Magadh Empire ruled by Dhananand on borders in 320 B.C.. But he was defeated by the huge Nands army. Chandra Gupta Maurya had to run to the forests and take shelter to save his life from Nands army.

One day Chankya and Chandra were walking in a village when they they saw a woman serving her child hot rice. The boy put his hand in center and burnt his fingers and screamed in pain.

The mother commented “ My son you are as foolish as Chandra Gupta himself”

The boy asked “ Mother why what am i doing that you are comparing to Chandra Gupta”

The mother replied “You put your finger in center which is more hot and burnt your fingers. Chandra gupta also is doing the same mistake, he is attacking the major city without subduing the frontiers. Hence the inhabitants of the frontiers are rising against his army and Nands army is defeating him easily”

After hearing this woman Chandra Gupta went back and raised an army again and started attacking smaller kingdoms like Punjab and conquering them before he finally attacked Magadh and defeated Dhananand.


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